Who is Gojoko?

In the early 19th Century, the Agrarian reformer, philosopher and economist Sontoku Ninomiya invented the credit cooperative ‘Gojyoko’ – which is where our name derives from.

Using those early ideologies and driving them into the 21st century, Gojoko was born.

We take technology one step further. The FinTech eco-system combines the strengths of various IT platforms such as Mambu, ADP, SalesForce and AWS into an end-to-end loan processing solution. Gojoko has integrated risk management and data analytic services, empowering credit unions to compete against high-cost lenders.

Why Choose Gojoko



Gojoko is supporting and helping a network of Community Banks/Credit Unions to grow and expand into modern financial institutions offering services to its members across the UK. Gojoko provides support by giving easy access to its technology and services. This includes loan underwriting and processing, client management, risk management, score card development/implementation and credit control.



We already have the fastest growing credit unions and CDFis on our platform. This allows us to overcome the constraints of credit unions and amplify its strengths. In partnership, we can benefit from the economies of scale to compete against larger financial institutions.



We have made the conscious decision not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we have created a cloud-based eco-system of the best software providers in their respective fields such as Mambu as our core banking system, ADP as our decision engine, adapting them to the needs of the credit unions.

Meet the Team

A team comprised of investment bankers, risk management specialists and sales and marketing experts, we’re a highly experienced and committed management unit – Each of us also come with high success in entrepreneurial ventures

Tobias Gruber, CEO

Studying management at the University of Bielefeld, Toby earned his MBA early on in his career in finance. He was the co-founder of Venn-Partners, a successful advisory and mortgage / loan platform.

More recently he was responsible for insurance and pension solutions across asset classes at Credit Suisse, where he developed and executed various landmark transactions.

As an investment banker for some of the biggest global banks, Toby has 28 years of experience to draw upon, working for the likes of JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley and AIG FP. His wealth of experience and knowledge has greatly influenced the direction and decisions of Gojoko.

Petr Luksan, Director

Graduating from the University of Cambridge with MPhil (Cantab) in Finance and a Diploma in Economics, and an MSc in Computer Science from Charles University in Prague, Petr’s educational experience is a huge factor in what qualifies him to be a leader at Gojoko.

His background in Computing and Finance is a perfect marriage for our project, and after honing his skills for nearly 25 years at investment banks, including managing director roles, a step into financial technology was the right move.

Gojoko is the perfect platform for Petr to utilise his background and experience and feed it into the amazing work we do.

Divya Prakash Singh, Head of


Divya has 10 years’ worth of experience working in IT with a focus on building solutions that are both scalable and secure. At Gojoko, Divya works with a team of enthusiastic technical folk to build the next generation of FinTech solutions.

Divya graduated with a Bachelors of Technology in IT and has worked in BFSI for leading tech companies such as TCS and PSL. He understands the importance of keeping the interest of the customer and business at the core of our work and using technology to facilitate this.

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