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Comprised of ambitious ethical lenders, we strive to create a network of credit unions and CDFIs growing them into challengers to high cost lenders. The aim is to offer affordable credit to borrowers who are unable to access prime credit and runs the risk of falling into the arms of high cost lenders.

We do this by giving the lenders access to an end to end service platform that allows them to offer best in class experience in terms of speed of decision making and processing. We understand the operational and risk management implications of faster growth and supply the necessary tools to manage them. Gojoko has a proven track record and can support and accelerate your growth plans.

My Community Bank

My Community Bank has grown out of a credit union called Brent Shrine Credit Union which was first formed in 1979 to serve people living or working in the London Borough of Brent. Since then, their common bond has extended a number of times to include members and supporters of a very wide range of organisations and associations across the UK.

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Castle Community Bank

Castle Community Bank was formed late in 2016 following the merger of two long established credit unions: Castle Credit Union and North Edinburgh Credit Union, who had been serving the communities of Craigmillar and North Edinburgh for over 30 years. Castle Community Bank now serve anyone who lives or works across most of Scotland.

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My Community Finance

My Community Finance is an online gateway through which people anywhere in the UK can apply for an ethical online loan. Their loan application is processed instantly, giving applicants a quick response. My Community Finance is promoted on the web via affiliates and aggregators, making it easily accessible.

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Amplifi Capital (U.K.) Limited

Amplifi Capital (U.K.) Limited is a consumer lending platform which currently offers unsecured personal loans, providing access to near prime consumers who can’t access credit from traditional high street banks. We support the growth ambitions of community orientated financial institutions such as Credit Unions, Building Societies, and CDFIs through the provision of our state of the art fintech platform.

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